Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

After taking a winding road up through the tea fields we reached our destination for the day. We walked into the house and a fire was blazing in the fireplace. I felt giddy. After a few moments of soaking up the pleasure of the fire I looked out the windows lining the back wall and my eyes feasted on some of the most beautiful scenery. We were in a farm house in the middle of a flower/ tea farm. There were cows grazing, green, rolling hills, towering trees, gorgeous flowers, and a clear, blue sky as a back drop. I wanted to STAY forever.

We were gathered with some new and some not quite so new friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. I felt full, and not because of the incredible foods we ate, but because this place was a gift to my soul! God does things like that. He is so creative, so majestic, and He shows us this through things like HIS creation. Not only is He creative and majestic, He is intimately concerned with us, His precious creation. He knows how much I love a fireplace. This was no ordinary fireplace. It had a beautiful, deeply colored wood mantle, and the fireplace itself was large. I am telling you, every time I passed that wonderful sight I wanted to cry. He knows me and what gives my heart pleasure. Between the view, the fire, the food, and the fellowship it was a full day. The hours passed but it really felt like time stood still.

All week we had been focusing on the treasures of God's provision, His word, Salvation, our health and freedom, and His protection using a Thanksgiving resource we got years ago. It helped us focus on why we celebrate historically as well as spiritually.

We have so much to be thankful for. We live in a place where we see poverty on a daily basis. Chris has been visiting people who have little to no food, are sick and/or have lost family members because of the famine in the horn of Africa. Chris is feeling so much better after a year of really struggling physically. I could go on and on. God is good and not just because we are where we are physically and emotionally but also because He was there when we were struggling physically and emotionally this year. He was faithful then and He is faithful now.

As I enjoyed our time in the hills on Thanksgiving, being fully there and enjoying every moment, I was reminded to be fully where I am wherever I am. This is the moment, I am not guaranteed another. Am I living fully here and now? Am I walking closely with my heavenly Father, knowing Him, enjoying Him, obeying His voice today? This is my prayer!

"Oh come, let us sing to the LORD; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! "
Psalm 95:1

p.s. Sorry...I forgot my camera that day. Oh- I didn't even mention the

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