Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sisters, sisters...

there were never such devoted sisters.

These perfect angels had a "slumber party" the other night. They all slept (well, at least they started out in the same bed) together and giggled and sang for a long time. Wow, how thankful I am for these little girls. They are precious. Each of them is so different! I am so amazed by our Creator. I cannot wait to see them come to know and love the Father and have their own relationships with the God who loves and knows them better than anyone. I pray that they really get the truth down deep into them, that they are supremely loved by the Supreme Himself and are of precious value to Him.

...did I say perfect angels????

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Elaine said...

We are seeing the sweet aroma of Christ in our grandchildren, yes, even with these "perfect" angels! They are a delight to us.
Our prayers include thanksgiving to our Father for each of their precious hearts.
GranBud and Grammie Elaine