Thursday, November 1, 2007


I don't know if you know about Vision Forum Ministries so let me introduce you. Vision Forum resources have been a huge influence on our family. When we had only 2 children in our minivan, some friends introduced us to Doug Phillips/ Vision Forum. Our friends lent us cd's with messages about having a vision for our family- a multi generational vision. We would take long drives listening to these messages. We began to see that the decisions we are making today will have a lasting impact on our children and their spouses, and their children and spouses, etc. We so desire for that legacy to be one of faithfulness and wholehearted love and devotion to our awesome God.

Our daughters proudly mother two of the Beautiful Girlhood dolls Vision Forum sells- they are high quality and just precious. Gavin has shot darts from his blowgun and crossbow from Vision Forum. They do a great job of rounding up wholesome playthings/ entertainment that is of good quality. I cannot think of a year when a Vision Forum item hasn't been on a Christmas wishlist. I encourage you to check it out...

So...I was reading this blog I like to check out, called... Life in a Shoe
I like the blog because Kim is a young mother of 8 (and counting!) who shares so many good ideas and thoughts. WELL, Kim is hosting a GIVE AWAY of Vision Forum products. To enter, I post my VF wishlist and create links to her blog and to Vision Forum. So, here is my Vision Forum wishlist! Grandparents, feel free to take note ;)

1. So Much More
2. Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God
3. The Adventure of Missionary Heroism
4. Of Plymouth Plantation
5. "Just Like Mama" doll set
6. Make Your Own Doll Dress Kit
7. The Elsie Audio Collection
8. Jonathan Park Volume 1- The Adventure Begins

For the products/materials:
Vision Forum
For the contest:
Life in a Shoe

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