Wednesday, October 31, 2007


All dressed up and ready to go...

Our church had a Fall Festival. Our children LOVE any reason to dress up. To be able to go out in public , well...that's the best!

Chris headed up the group as Indiana Jones complete with a whip.

Gavin is a scurvy pirate....ARRGH!

Gavin has had an interest in pirates ever since he read Under Drake's Flag by G.A. Henty. Chris told him that there might be a family connection to Sir Francis Drake.?????????

Jaden is Sacagawea with her baby on her back.

"Sacagawea is the perfect example of a persevering woman who demonstrated enormous character at a critical moment in American history. Carrying her infant son on her back throughout the entire journey, she served as a guide and translator for Lewis and Clark through the dangerous western mountains on their expedition to the Pacific Ocean."
~taken from the Vision Forum website

OK, it's not a son on her back- Jaden still had a blast!

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