Wednesday, October 31, 2007

June Cleaver at your service.

Emma is our 50's chick. She actually wore a ponytail and tennis shoes but this was taken early. Emma loves to dress up (really all of the kiddos do). She has a princess outfit that has seen better days but that she faithfully puts on at least once a day.

Avery didn't care what she was as long as she could be "FAN-SAY' " she is our Fancy Cowgirl-watch out, partner!

And rounding out the crew...SUPERBABY! You can't tell by the photo but Superbaby
has a snotty nose, a cruddy cough, and a fever. He and
Mom stayed home tonight.

He just came up to me, sat in my lap and waved "bye-bye"
I think he wants to go to bed....

Back now. He WAS asking me to go to bed! How cute is that?

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