Wednesday, October 31, 2007

North America

We studied North America in school for the first six weeks. We ended the United States with an all-American cook out with some friends. At the end of our Mexico unit we made tortillas. And when we finished Canada we watched Anne of Green Gables and ate snowballs with maple syrup (vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on top-YUM!).
We are loving Exploring Countries and Cultures by My Father's World. Check out the site if you are


Elaine said...

I just wanted to snatch up all of the grandchildren and hug them tightly. They are so darling in their Fall Festival costumes. SO CUTE! Each expression spoke a million words! "Shume mire!" ("Good job!" in Albanian)

Elaine said...

Studying at your home sounds like loads of fun! Good job, students! And great job, teacher! We continue to pray for retention in the learning of all involved and that God will use their lessons to glorify His name in all the earth!