Thursday, August 21, 2008

100 Push Up Challenge

I am blogging during my "rest" period between my push up sets. Hold please...okay...I'm back. So, a few weeks ago Chris asked me to do this 100 push up challenge and I laughed! I laughingly agreed to do it (thinking there was no way I could). We had to test ourselves and I could do 2, yes 2 man push ups. Hold please...okay...I am now in week 3 (I should be in week 4 but missed a few days and started back yada yada) and I just did 20/rest/15/rest/15/rest/ I will do 12 next then rest and do my max (at least 16). I am NOT in great shape...I really don't even do the push up all the way to the ground. BUT! I can do these push ups and feel stronger which was my goal. I have also noticed that when I do pilates it is easier. The program is here if you want to check it out. Gavin is doing it too and blowing me out of the water, of course. Hold...okay, done.


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Cindy said...

I actually mowed my lawn last week. Ha, ha! I haven't mowed in several years. And the coolest part was my happy heart!

I've been working out too, and am now completely impressed with how much stronger I am.

And I'm not afraid to sweat!