Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yep, we had snow today-lots of it.
I was wearing capri length pants and crocs yesterday. Today the heater was on and I was in my cozy, cold weather clothes.

Our friends, the Mays, walked down to play in the snow. Chris May had everyone snowball fighting-thanks, Chris.
Gavin was down the street playing with some other friends so he didn't make the photo session.
We sure enjoy our neighborhood, there is always someone willing to throw a snowball at you.

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The Stire family said...

Suel family, I can't believe it snows in Texas AFTER we leave. Although we really can't complain, we awoke to heavy snow fall on Monday morning in Tirana. We sure miss you all and pray for you. We can't wait until you are on our side of world. Hey, by the way, thank you for world clock idea. I added it to our blog. You are so cool! Hope to hear from you soon. Chelle