Thursday, January 17, 2008


Check it out on I Tunes! Very good stuff...see my earlier post.


Peas on Earth said...

Hey Jamie! Long time no see!! =)
Glad I found you. (Oh, and who is Tim? brother?)

Peace ~~

The Davis Daily said...

Hi Jamie and family. I found your blog from Sharon's list. I think of you all often and we all still miss the kids like crazy. I glanced through some of your posts and look forward to sitting down and "catching up" with you all when I have time to really read through some more. I'm not doing a very good job of keeping my blog updated, but I squeeze in what I can. Some of your school posts take me back to the time when mine were small. Oh how I loved those days of learning together everywhere. Now with one off learning at Seminary (and doing so well - very proud and thankful mom on that one) and one soon to be gone too, those days just become more precious. Enjoy these days - I know you do! I look forward to keeping up with you guys. Give all the kids big hugs for me. We really do miss them.