Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inspirational Reading

"Are there many people in your country?" she asked.

"Hundreds!" said David.  "In fact, I think millions. Why?"

"Can they all read that Book?" demanded Lela.

"Yes, everyone can read in England," answered David proudly.

"Then why don't they come and tell us all?" cried Lela.  "What are they doing?  No one in our village knows anything about it."

This is a section from a book the kids and I just finished reading called  Three Go Searching  by Patricia St. John.  As I read this passage a lump rose in my throat and I almost could not go on.  WHY?  Why do we keep the Answer to the world's hurts, sorrows, troubles to ourselves?  There are people who have never even heard the name of Jesus.  There are people who are living in hopelessness and pain who do not know that there is a Refuge, a Friend, a Healer, and a Savior.

Chris and our team (another missionary, 2 2year workers, 4 4month workers- All American as well as 11 Kenyan students!) are currently sharing the Light of the world with those who are in darkness on the Kenyan coast.  I am so proud of them.  They are being bold witnesses in a  place where it isn't that easy to do so.  It is extremely hot and humid right now there (with no air conditioning to escape to) and this and other physical hardships make it difficult to even think straight sometimes.

Why don't we go?  In Ms. St. John's book David replies, "I suppose they are too busy doing other things."  May we not be guilty of this!  It is SO easy to be occupied with very busy lives.  May we not neglect the nearness of God and the listening to His voice, so that when He calls and says, "Go", we are ready!

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Amanda Rawlins said...

Your words inspire me! My prayers are with you.

Amanda Rawlins - Cliff Temple