Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random news

YIKES! I guess you have realized that faithful blogging is not my strong suit. I am sorry. So, here is a bit of an update:

We are enjoying life in Nairobi but sensed the need for a break/ get away. The kids and I  traveled with Chris, the journeygirls on our team, and the students who went on the trip to the coast to pass out water filters and share their faith in April. We stayed with friends while the team went out. The kids had a fantastic time, we all did. We love it here, we know we are where we are suppose to be, but it was a good change of pace/ scenery.

One of my new jobs here in Nairobi is overseeing our education resource center on the compound. I have been able to help out homeschooling families in our company within our region as well as Kenyan homeschoolers! It has been a blessing and a joy. The job also comes with some stretching. Those who know me know I am not an administrator. It is a challenge to attend to the business side of the position. Please pray that I will have wisdom and strength. It has been exciting to see the growth in the homeschooling movement in Kenya. These parents are pioneers in their country. I am so thankful that we can help them in their journey.

Our visit stateside is coming up at the end of July. We will be in the states until the end of December. We will be doing quite a bit of traveling so I would ask that you pray that we will be refreshed in spite of all of the driving and sleeping in different beds ;) We are in the process of lining up our housing situation and transportation. I can't believe we will set foot on American soil in less than 4 months.

We have been enjoying front row seats at what God is doing here among students. Chris spoke to a young man a few weeks ago, sharing his testimony as well as how to experience new life in Christ. The guy couldn't wait to put his faith in Christ and insisted on praying that day. Afterward he said that he had to go tell his friends this wonderful news. Chris met with the guy and his friends to talk and answer questions about the Gospel. Long story short, after a couple of weeks or so, every one of the guys has counted the cost and chosen to follow Christ. The true joy is that they seem to be understanding that it isn't a religion they have joined, but a relationship. They are processing that their new faith isn't necessarily about what they do/ don't do, but what is in their hearts that matters.

Chris is meeting with the group of guys each week (most weeks they meet twice) so please pray for their roots to go deep, their foundation to be strong, and their love for and knowledge of Jesus to grow.

Also, one of the guys who went on the trip to the coast grew up in the "town" where we lived on the coast! He is from the people group we worked with! He and his parents are believers and he was able to go back to the area to tell about the change in his life to those who are very resistant to change. So cool.

In other news, we have been raising chickens. We have 50 layers who keep us and some friends in stock of eggs. We also raise broilers to eat. We slaughtered (what an awful word) our 98 chickens a few weeks ago.  I CANNOT believe I didn't get pictures. It was exhausting, but it is over and my freezer is stocked. Emma really enjoyed asking questions and helping in any way she was able. Zephan just wanted to keep a chicken head (gross).

The kids and I have been studying American History in preparation for our return to the states. I love homeschooling because I learn SO much that I just didn't really value when I was in school. Also, I am constantly reminded that the number one thing I can teach my children is to seek God first. I pray every day that they will love Him with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We are doing a study right now using different stories from the Bible to show various character qualities.

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