Saturday, December 17, 2011

Naomi's Village

Today we received such a blessing! Our family, the J-girls, and some people from a local church loaded up in 2 vans and made our way to Naomi's Village to meet and visit with some special kids. Naomi's Village is a children's home with a vision to love and invest in Kenyan children with the hope that they will not only survive, but grab hold of the truth that they are valued by God and that He has a plan for each person.

Emily enjoys "Don't break the ice" with some expert players.

Avery especially enjoyed holding the babies!

Ester and Emma loving on the little ones.

Jaden holding a little guy who was so full of energy! He had us really laughing!

Emma, Gavin, and Avery in the dining hall between games. The pictures all around the wall are the attributes of God. They are visual reminders of the things the staff are teaching the children about God.

It was raining so we spent most of our time indoors. We played games, worked puzzles, held babies, visited with the workers about how we can pray and help, and just hung out with some special kids.

No pics of Z-man. He was way too busy playing in the play room with the little kids. He did not want to leave and is READY to go back!

One of the main reasons we visited today was because the founders want the children to have strong Kenyan role models. Our hope is that God will place orphans on the hearts of some of the students in Nairobi and that we can all visit regularly.

All of the staff at Naomi's Village were great. They have a special but tough job! Especially on my heart today is Jane, the worker in the baby room. She has a big job with 3 little babies! If you think of her, would you pray too?

If you want to know more about the special ministry of Naomi's Village I encourage you to click here!

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Unknown said...

Just rediscovered your blog. Silent night is upon us now. I'm catching a few moments of quiet awe before God. We love you guys. In a private email tell me your new mailing address.