Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Currently, we are in a city with good internet and no access to our other blog. So here we are again!

For those who do not know, we have been in Nairobi for the past...5 It has been an interesting journey. Chris had to be hospitalized with his pancreatitis again. Since we thought we had solved this by having his gall bladder removed we are on the hunt again. His doctor is looking for the cause and trying to determine if this is still acute recurrent or chronic pancreatitis. Since he doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't have a gall bladder anymore we can rule those two out. He has been tested for just about everything else too. We are waiting to get his triglycerides into a normal range and see what happens. I really don't know how much to share. We are in the thick of it and all of the medical terms swim in my head, but do you really need to hear anything but that we are waiting on some tests?

The kiddos are enjoying seeing friends and the cooler weather. We have resumed schooling which helps with the "limbo-ness" of our situation. Right now we are building a replica of a Roman villa. Jaden is LOVING walking around taking pictures and exploring her artistic side. Flowers/ nature are her favorite subjects

This is only ONE of hundreds she has taken. I just love the exploration of perspective!

I keep telling people that God is giving us a chance to practice "waiting". Over and over in His word we read that we should wait on Him. I am not very good at this. I really feel so much more in control, I mean better, if I can at least make up a schedule of what I think should be going on in our lives. I am good at making lists, schedules, plans, etc. I didn't say I am good at the follow through, just excellent at the planning. But God is telling me to give Him tomorrow, live here, today with Him. Do you know how thankful I am? It is really hard and sometimes painful, but I am so glad that He is giving me the opportunity to practice this very important part of my relationship with Him...waiting, trusting. I have been praying for years that I would learn to BE WHERE I AM, not mulling over the past, not planning, fretting, or trying to figure out the future, just where I am, in that moment. He is so good.

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mideastmom said...

"I am good at making lists, schedules, plans, etc. I didn't say I am good at the follow through, just excellent at the planning." Gee, can't relate to that at all. Nope not a bit. Nuh uh.


I need to know of this "other blog" of which you speak. I've just gotten back into blog reading (found an app for my phone which discourages some of the rabbit trails I was following causing blog reading to eat up too much of my time), so I missed the transition.

Oh, and I get the whole "waiting" thing. BTDT. Not fun, necessarily. But you can at least learn something from it, as you're trying to do. Hate to waste pain.