Friday, October 10, 2008

Zephan's new look


During...not too sure about what Dad is up to.

We did it. It was a painful decision but we parted with the locks. Chris put in our CARS movie and Zephan was set. He didn't flinch. The only time he lost concentration on the movie was the above picture-what a guy. We are still getting use to the new look but he no longer has to tilt his head back to see past his bangs and doesn't get called "she".


Princess Samantha said...

Zephan is so cute! I also got inspired by you guys and got a blog background from too!

Mom said...

Oh, wow, what a change! GranBud and Grammie Elaine love your haircut, Zephan! You surely are a handsome young boy!
We pray for you every day.
We love you so much.

And Chris, you were certainly a brave daddy to cut those handsome locks!