Saturday, July 5, 2008

confessions of a (whisper) blog stalker

I had never heard the phrase "blog stalker" until a few days ago. Ha! I love it. Blogs fascinate me. I sincerely love to see people confidently put their thoughts down for all to share. I enjoy knowing people and being known. I have been truly blessed by some of the blogs I visit. God has used them to sharpen me. I am careful to weigh what I read and I do try to measure how much time I give to reading blogs as I am the keeper of a home and manager of 5 little people. But I do have some favorites.

I found a great blog I thought I would share with the ladies. There is a little bit of everything. Check it out here. The blog belongs to Nancy Wilson , her daughters & daughter in law. They have precious crafts, child rearing tips, recipes, spiritual wisdom, and more. My introduction to Nancy Wilson actually came through my husband. Chris had listened to a tape series by her husband, Doug Wilson, called Foundations For Fathers. This tape series was one of the things God used to really shape Chris's vision for our family. Nancy Wilson wrote one of my very favorite books on marriage (for women) called, The Fruit of Her Hands . I am thankful for the Wilson's ministry and influence in my life and the life of my family. I trust you will be blessed as you peruse the "pages" of her blog. And you MUST check out her daughter's website Amoretti Designs ...TOO Cute! Make sure you read the "About us" page with her story.

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khendricks said...

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