Friday, June 6, 2008


is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. They are common, everyday food in some countries in Asia, such as in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern featured Balut when Mr. Zimmern visited the Philippines. Chris caught the show and was discussing it with some of our church members. This is what resulted:
We fellowship with some of the best people around. This is one example of the fun we have. After a home group Bible Study, our Filipino friends fixed this delicacy for Chris to try. YUM?!

I have to hand it to him...he really gave it his all. He went for the "whole" experience, biting into the nibbling for Chris. That's my man. Seriously, I love this about him. He is not afraid to try new things.

...let's just say that Balut will not be on our regular menu.

(Chris had to add this picture...not for the faint of heart!!!)

On a side note...apparently, Balut was a featured food on Fear Factor. Someone turned down $50,000.00 (what I heard) so they wouldn't have to eat it...
my husband did it for kicks (flex those muscles, Chris!).

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