Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I have no idea how I got these photos to place this way!?! Oh well...

February 25, 2008
Chris celebrated his birthday at Benihana's...YUM! Some friends joined us and graciously took pictures (I forgot my camera...hello!) The kiddos loved watching the chefs do their thing and ate up the delicious food.
The kiddos say that some of their favorite things about Daddy are...
He makes me laugh
He's funny
He makes me smile
He likes to take us fun places
He loves us so much
He loves God
He has a loving heart for people (around the world)
He preaches for God
He's really nice
He's my buddy
He's handsome
He's a Christian

I would have to agree.


Genny said...

Chris,we share a birthday. Hope you had a great one. Looks like a wonderful time with your family.

Cara said...

Fun! We actually have a Benihana's here in-country and took the older three kids last fall while we were on vacation in the capital. They weren't as impressed as yours were. I think it was the fire. :-P Actually, the oldest liked it. The other two weren't quite sure.