Sunday, April 27, 2008

eleven years ago today...

a little boy joined our family.

Gavin has grown into such a great kid. He is funny, clever, smart, and is so talented,among other things. He loves climbing trees, being with friends and family, making people laugh, sports, and music. He even plays the drums at our church!

His honey made him a drum cake...too cool.

(Gavin pointed out that his eye kind of looks crazy here-must have been the angle, he said he didn't do it on pupose)

What a kid. We are so very thankful that we get to be the ones to raise this boy and see what God's plans are for him. Our prayer is that he continues to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. We also pray that he will hide the word of God in his heart, that he may not sin against God, and keep his way pure.
Gavin: White Hawk
Edward: Happy Protector

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Peas on Earth said...

He's a great kid, that Gavin! thanks for sharing him with us for a while! :-) And I love the haircut! :-)

I see the Mozambique clock ... does that mean there are more definite plans? I haven't heard an update on your missions plans in a while!!