Thursday, July 12, 2007

the parable of the lost wallet

If a girl, okay, a woman looses her wallet in the HUGE parking lot of a theme park will she not search for it (once she arrives home 30 minutes away and realizes it is missing)? Once their was such a woman. The woman searched and searched, her husband searched and searched, her family searched and searched to no avail. There were calls to the lost and found and speculations to what had happened. "It is lost. Cancel your cards." "Call for new social security cards, insurance cards, library cards, driver's liscence, etc". Then the woman cried out to God and asked her friends to cry out to God on her behalf. "Father, You are so big. You know exactly where my wallet is," she cried, "I would like to have my wallet back. Would You put it in the hands of an honest person?" Will the Lord not hear her prayer? HE DID. He caused her wallet to be found by a man who searched for her, called her, and returned the wallet with not a single leftover receipt missing! And there was (and is) much rejoicing by the woman, her family, and her faithful praying friends; for her wallet was lost but is found.
Now, if they can rejoice over a silly piece of material with a zipper and plastic and paper things that won't last forever think of how much more God rejoices when a precious person is found. When even one person comes to Him, realizing their lostness without Him, He rejoices. He loves us. He created us, sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we could be found. How great is the Father's love for us! Thank You, Father, for finding my wallet and even more so, for finding me.


Elaine said...

A marvelous truth from God's Word in modern day. Praise the name of our God the lost was found!

flowersgirl said...

What a glorious account of God's timely mercy. How we marvel at His notice of the small things like coins and wallets. And yet He loves to help us! Thanks for sharing.

flowersgirl said...

What a marvelous account of God's timely mercy! Thanks for sharing how He cared for you.