Friday, June 15, 2007

Rainy days

This picture reminded me of something I heard a few years ago..."Sit and wait on the front porch of your soul and meet with God." Well, this had to be done in a physical way today. The day just begged for it!

We have rain today. It is the beautiful, soft falling type. We lit the citronella candles, fixed some hot tea, gathered our coloring and reading books, chairs and blankets (did I forget anything?) and met on the porch for devotion and reading time. It was awesome! God's creation- His handiwork. The weather has cooled from the 93 degree days to a very pleasant 71 degrees.

We started In Grandma's Attic today. What great stories. I am really trying to let go of what is planned for days like today when a change of schedule is in order. My hope is that years from now my children will smell a smell or experience a rain like today and remember "that day on the porch" when we sang thank You, God, for rain... I hope that you too will seize the moment- they are so easy to let pass, aren't they?

I should disclose that the porch time was not without the usual distractions and little conflicts;) but it was a gift from God to me in my mothering journey.

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